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  1. oxfordshoe говорит

    lol the TC had a fit at the beginning :p

  2. olegzimogor говорит

    я тож не понял!!!

  3. JDM говорит

    I GDe iumor???

  4. Terawut Nontakarn говорит

    Evo 5

  5. chris s говорит

    Thats the piont im trying to make keabro if you look the vid discription ses evo 4..

  6. tommi6 говорит

    yup sweet… front bar is more agressive the 5 has wide body and different spoiler. but yeah sweet as

  7. Bob Woss говорит

    i wonder why you dont see them at WRX or track events anymore?

  8. Bob Woss говорит

    Displacement comes at the cost of WEIGHT. an Aluminum block is superior to iron block. Transmissions on the car play a part, down force, aerodynamics, efficiency of the engine, driver, weather, structural integrity, weight, everything. So like i said earlier find me a v8 running 7.5second quarters on pump gas no nos. Then find me that same type of car and show me its records in WRX, Super Lap, and endurance races.

  9. 070jackvr6 говорит

    holding in?

  10. Kostas K. говорит

    its an evo 6,look at the right-left indicators,they’re white,not yellow like evo 5

  11. TbrTurbo говорит

    he forgot to open the parachute! XD

  12. inixratedini говорит

    that looks like enzo racing evo

  13. Pom P. Ruen'som говорит

    it’s evo5 ….isn’t it ?

  14. Ism Ady говорит

    is that the best? actually its e5

  15. Eirik Bjørneset говорит

    Yes, it is a 6.

  16. Tuentin Qarantino говорит

    0-100 ??? sec ???

  17. eeeen321 говорит

    did that really say 120mph? ….

  18. Cressiderp говорит

    looks like an evo5

  19. kanoksak jantawong говорит


  20. BongoVIP говорит

    не нашел фишки, автор поменяй название.

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